General Play Skills(GPS) is a physical activity and physical education program where children ages 4-10 and students in grades K-4 experience and learn foundational skills. The program teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy using activities and games as a strong foundation for participation in all sport, recreation, and leisure.  GPS  focus(es) on assisting children to move with competence and confidence; so that they are motivated to participate, grow and develop into active, productive, and healthy citizens.

The GPS activities and lessons are designed to help teachers, recreation and community leaders meet curricular expectations and activity outcomes with the children they work with.  GPS can be delivered in any environment with minimal equipment. This program is designed to allow those with little or no experience in teaching physical activity and early movement to learn and implement the program efficiently and effectively.

“Just Push Play” and become a PLAY Agent today!

What is a play Agent? 

By scheduling a workshop with one of our Professors of Play, you too can become a “PLAY” agent. What does this all mean? Becoming a  GPS “PLAY” agent  proclaims that you are interested in promoting and delivering the GPS program within your school, community or home. Click below to become a PLAY Agent and help promote and develop Physical Literacy in our children, and youth. As a PLAY Agent, you will make a difference in the goal to have FUN, and  get today’s children and youth active. Join the movement and help us “Just Push Play!”

Untitled-10What is a Play agency?

You have become and official “Play Agent” and are a true ambassador of the “Just Push Play” movement, so what’s next? Your School or organization can become a Play Agency by registering  at least 3 other PLAY Agents to deliver the program within your school or organization.  Becoming a PLAY Agency allows your organization to register for the GPS awards system. Accumulated points correlate to awards for both the organization and the children who participate. Participation and Activity generate points. Points generate awards. And Awards are fun!   JUST PUSH PLAY and become a registered GPS PLAY AGENCY today!

What is the Aim of the Physical Education Program?

To enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to lead a healthy active lifestyle. –Alberta Education 2000

What is Physical Literacy?

Physical literacy can be described as the motivation,confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. – Margaret Whitehead 2016 Definition